If elected, 11 million immigrants to get citizenship, promises Biden

“We’re going to have to deal with the immigration crisis,” Biden said.

WASHINGTON (TIP): Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to provide citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants if voted to power in the November 3 presidential election. Biden identified this as one of his priorities in addition to beating the coronavirus pandemic, rebuilding the economy and figuring out how to restore American leadership around the world.

At a virtual fundraiser on Wednesday, October 14, Biden said there is a need to deal with what’s going on at the border. “We’re going to have to deal with the immigration crisis,” he said.

Donald Trump has been calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris has cancelled her travel plans through Sunday as a precaution after one of her staff members tested Covid positive.

(Source:  PTI)

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