Maharashtra Mahabharat : Devendra Phadnavis Announces his Resignation as Chief Minister

Devendra Fadnavis has announced his resignation File photo

MUMBAI(TIP):  The beleaguered Devendra Fadnavis announced at a press conference here on November 26 that he will submit his resignation to the Governor.

Fadnavis in his statement said that the people of Maharashtra had given a clear mandate to BJPShiv Sena combine to form a government. But Shiv Sena claimed chief minister’s position with BJP on a rotational basis, something BJP had never agreed to. BJP made all efforts to have its old alliance partner to drop the demand but was stonewalled. Shiv Sena chose the parties it had always opposed.

NCP offered BJP support to form a government and a claim of majority was submitted to the governor who invited Fadnavis to form the government.

However, situation has changed.  “We do not have majority. We will sit in the opposition”, said Fadnavis.

All eyes are now on Maharashtra Governor who is expected to accept the resignation of Fadnavis and invite the leader of the legislature party of Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress alliance to form a government.

(It is a developing story)

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