Make Shut Down More Effective


The shut down in its present form does not seem to be producing the desired results. There has to be a more effective shut down, may be , a total shut down.  I have a couple of suggestions  in this regard.

Government may  let essential businesses run with few more precautions so that people are not encouraged to step out and risk the ones trying to offer the best even though they are exposed and are in turn risking their own loved ones

Odd-even days  schedule could be more effective. In a particular zip code stores like farmers market, BJ’s , Costco etc. should be allowed to open on odd and even days and  for limited hours . People can only shop from their preferred stores on those days during the time granted.

This will need  fewer people r to work resulting in low   risk and will help maintain social distancing.

Government can assign /allow for the benefit of all opening of gas stations , 7 Elevens, Dunkin etc. like chains to be   odd even open. The only difference here would be the fact that we do not need a gas station at every 100 meters. Let’s say 1 station , 1 Dunkin, or 1 7 Eleven every 2 miles. The business days and hours can be fairly distributed among them.

This would again restrict people from going  out for drives and,  while in drives, keep hitting stores even though it may not be required

As a separate mission, looking at the current scenario , Meals can be planned and organized for those quarantined and sick at home from the Gurudwaras . A truck could do the contactless delivery at doorsteps.

All it needs is a basic webpage where in people can request with addresses within the radius of the Gurudwaras

Stores selling dairy , eggs bread and vegetables can be ordered in call or via text or via email or website to be delivered at the doorstep with no extra or bare minimum charge.

Things like paper towels, wipes disinfectants can be delivered, and it would be great when all can get when in stock. Stores will have the right  to sell a limited quantity  per person only and could be a weekly delivery.

This way people will value what they have also not flock the stores,  rather store after store,  collecting sanitizers, disinfectants, kitchen and toilet paper and water.

If a total lockdown is not possible then,  at least we can take measures to further limit the people getting out just to play lottery or grab a drink or get gas if nothing else.

They  have nothing to do  and are  always on a mission to go to store after store because they are all open all the time and collect essentials even  though their attics and garages are full.

Thank you.

Jaskiran Saluja

Hicksville, New York


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