Indian American Puneet Ahluwalia to Run for Republican Nomination for Virginia Lt Governor

Photo caption: Ahluwalia, who has been active in the Republican Party politics for over two decades, also serves on the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum

VIRGINIA (TIP): Indian American business consultant Puneet Ahluwalia is running for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia saying the state needs a new leadership to attract investment, jobs, growth and wealth.

“Virginia is in trouble right now, and we’re running out of time as Democrats offer the same old tired promises,” stated the 55-year-old resident of McLean, just outside Washington DC announcing his run.

‘Virginia needs new ideas and a business environment that will attract investment, jobs, growth and wealth,” wrote Delhi-born Ahluwalia in a note to his supporters.

“Virginia needs to support its hard-working and courageous police, protect 2nd Amendment rights, and stand up for law and order.”

A Delhi Public School (DPS) alumnus, who immigrated to the US in 1990, Ahluwalia serves as a consultant to international businesses on client acquisition, marketing, and strategic affairs with The Livingston Group.

“I am Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, and Pro-Virginia First. We need to reopen our schools, reopen our economy, and get our lives back together.”

“I wasn’t born an American, my wife and I are Americans by choice,” wrote Ahluwalia. “I am not a politician; I am a proud American living the American dream.”

“My first job was delivering electronics to retail stores and since then I have built businesses and created jobs and opportunities for others,” he recalled.

Ahluwalia, who has been active in the Republican Party politics for over two decades, also serves on the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum.

He accused the current Democrat leadership in the General Assembly of being “distracted by a far-left social and cultural agenda that simply doesn’t serve the interests of the vast majority of Virginia citizens.”

“All they do is blame (President Donald) Trump, then fade into the background. That’s not leadership. It’s finger-pointing. No more excuses,” Ahluwalia wrote.

“Progressive Democrats, who run most of our largest cities and counties, discourage job growth, deter small business start-ups, and restrict children to failing schools.”

“Democrats continue policies that ensnare generation after generation of minorities that believe there is no hope. No wonder people are frustrated and angry,” Ahluwalia wrote.

“I promise to bring a message of hope, growth, and opportunity to every person, every family, and every community in Virginia.”

As immigrants, he and his wife Nadia chose to become Americans, for good reason, Ahluwalia wrote. “This is the greatest country in the history of the world, but we can’t take our prosperity, or our freedom, for granted.”

“We must work every day to protect and preserve the unity and the values so many of our fellow Americans have sacrificed and bled to preserve.”

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