Air India Mumbai-Newark Flight Diverted to London after Hoax Bomb Threat

LONDON / NEWARK (TIP): An Air India flight from Mumbai to Newark was diverted to London’s Stansted Airport on Thursday June 27 due to a bomb threat, according to authorities. The Boeing 777-337 was escorted by British fighter jets to land in Stansted.

News agency ANI quoted an Air India official to say the bomb threat was a hoax. “Air India 191 Mumbai-Newark flight has landed safely at London and all passengers are safe. Earlier, the flight had made a precautionary landing due to a bomb threat that was declared hoax,” ANI quoted an Air India spokesperson.

Stansted Airport authority said in a statement, “An Air India Boeing 777 “diverted into the airport at 10:15 hrs and landed safely with the Essex Police in attendance. It is parked on an isolated stand away from the normal airport operations. Our runway has now re-opened and is fully operational.”

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