Thruway Authority Must Withdraw the Unreasonable , Unjust and Usurious “Violation Fee”

The state Thruway Authority proposed the first toll increases for the newly opened Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, with the cost growing from $4.75 to $5.75 by 2022 for E-Z Pass users. The news has been well received, without anybody feeling unhappy over the increase. The  Thruway Authority has given ample notice to users of the Bridge.

While nobody will mind this increase, the present structure of” violations fee “ being imposed by Bridges and Tunnels Authority of NY/NJ is a worrisome issue. At present, a violation fee of $100.00 is imposed for a delay in a payment, regardless of   the amount of toll. It is ridiculous to be imposing $100.00 “violation  fee” on a toll bill of $1.25.

Many did not get to know what the “violation fee” is. Public is largely unaware of the fee.  In the first place, the Thruway Authority should have first publicized  any penalty it proposed to impose for late payment of tolls. Secondly, the penalties should have been e reasonable, not the way these are that a  toll of $1.25 invites a “violation fee” of $100.00.

On behalf of the  people who have been hit hard by the unreasonable and unjust “violation fee”, we urge Governor Cuomo to order discontinuation of the imposition of the present “Violation fee “. Also, Governor is requested to waive the “Violation fee”  imposed on all toll bills.   Next, the Governor may reconsider the whole issue of “Violation fee” and decide afresh on a reasonable and just penalty as in the case of violations in other departments, including DMV.

We very strongly feel  the present “Violation Fee” structure is painful, unreasonable,  unjust and usurious, and needs to be demolished with one stroke of Governor Cuomo’s pen.


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