Government of India ‘s latest notification on OCI Card -Implications

GOPIO has been receiving a large number of complaints from the Indian Diaspora community around the world. We have also received a letter from a OCI card holder businessman who had gone back to India and established a highly successful business in health supplements and Ayurvedic products. There are several millions of OCIs/PIOs who are concerned about this new ruling. I have compiled responses I had received in the last three days, i.e., from Sunday to Tuesday. It was too much time consuming. So, I didn’t compile many more which came earlier. They are all similar. Most comments are concerning about their properties in India. Govt. of India did not make any statement after the ruling from Deccan herald story about foreign nationals can’t buy or sell properties in India. So suddenly, all those who invested their earning for a retirement home or bought it for their children or have family properties find themselves in a fix. If everyone starts selling their properties in India, it may affect the whole Real Estate market in India. Already, after demonetization and now with covid, it was still the Diaspora who kept buying properties in India.

So, this could become a major issue if govt. does not reverse the ruling. My concluding statement, “Indian origin person who moved out from India for employment or business, whether they took foreign citizenship or whether they have OCI card or not, they should be allowed to buy and sell properties in India, since they are all sons and daughters of Mother India”

A concerned citizen

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