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Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life for the cause of world peace. He said, “There shall come a time when this world of ours will be flooded with peace. Who is going to bring about this radical change? It will be you- you  and your sisters and brothers”.

Our beloved Prime Minister Modiji is inspired by Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms. Recently Modiji has shown extra-ordinary courage by going to Pakistan on a Peace Mission.

In year 2016, I expect more world leaders and a large number of people will be aware of Sri Chinmoy’s amazing contribution. He created 21000 meditative songs, 1600 books, thousands of paintings and poems to inspire humanity for its cherished goal of World Peace. see www.srichinmoy.org)

Ashok ParulekarAuthor : Ashok Parulekar

Official, Chinmoy Foundation, New York

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