From defending a diplomat’s statement to advocating Hindutva and demanding a Hindu Rashtra

It  started as an attempt to defend the  Consul General of India at New York’s statement he made on  Kashmir at a private gathering of some Kashmiri  Pandit families in New York at which  film actor Anupam Kher, a Kashmiri Pandit ,  was also present, a couple of days ago. There was a lot of sympathy for the good natured and amiable Consul General of India in New York  who most felt was unnecessarily targeted by media for his utterances. A few well-meaning friends of his formed a group to defend him. Initially, it was the CG, Kashmir and the rogue neighbor Pakistan  creating  trouble in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the  Hindutva  elements who have been advocating a Hindu Rashtra  saw their opportunity and jumped  into the group. Over the last of couple of days they succeeded in  transforming the agenda of the group. The group  does not any more   speak about defending the CG’s statement. The only cry is the Hindu unity and the Hindu Rashtra.

There is no harm in exercising one’s democratic rights in a democratic country. For long Khalistanis have been demanding a Khalistan in India. It does not make a difference that there are people here who want  a Hindu Rashtra. If the Khalistanis demanding Khalistan are anti-India and enemies of the nation, the same yardstick could be applied to those demanding a Hindu Rashtra. What is the difference? The demands of both the  Khalistanis and  the Hindutva supporters are divisive and against the interests of India and its 1.3 billion people.

It is unfortunate that Indians who now are citizens of America should attempt to create hatred among people of Indian origin and divide them here in the US  where hundreds of ethnicities have learnt to live in brotherhood and peace. Aren’t  they committing crime against America and American people?  Nobody should be allowed to take advantage of the freedoms offered by the greatest nation on the earth. Nobody should be allowed to practice any form of terrorism in the greatest democracy in the world which prides itself in the values of  freedom and  fraternity.  President Trump who has been bold enough to deal with terrorism of all shades  should  find a way to lock up people  of foreign origin who promote hatred and create divisions and are a threat to the American National Security.


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