Soon unlock your iPhone via Apple Watch even with a mask on

Soon you will be able to unlock your iPhone with Face ID even when with a Covid-19 mask on, but only if you are wearing an Apple Watch. In the next iOS 14 update, Apple Watch will give you haptic feedback to let you know your iPhone has been unlocked, reports Pocket-lint.

The new iPhone iOS version 14.5, now available as developer Beta, has the functionality to unlock your iPhone via Apple Watch as you travel around wearing a mask.

“This is similar behaviour to using the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac which has been available for some time,” the report said on Monday.

You need to keep Apple Watch in close proximity to your iPhone to use this feature.

This Apple Watch shortcut is only available for unlocking your iPhone and other functions will still require other authentication if your face is covered.

You’ll be asked to put in your passcode every few hours even when unlock with Apple Watch is enabled.

Samsung could soon launch phones with rollable and slidable screens

South Korean tech giant Samsung is no rookie when it comes to unconventional phone designs. The brand has come out with two Galaxy Fold phones so far, along with a Galaxy Z Flip that folds in half but operates with a single main display. Now, Samsung may be working on phones with screens that can roll and slide as its next project.

Samsung’s sister company, Samsung Display has confirmed that Samsung will be working on new smartphones with rollable and slidable screens, as mentioned in a report by SamMobile.

Samsung Display is the company behind the screen technologies used in the brand’s foldable phones including both the Galaxy Fold phones and the Galaxy Z Flip. The new rollable and slidable Galaxy phones could be launched in late 2021 or more likely in 2022. Samsung will look forward to being the first brand to launch a phone with the new tech, just like it did with the original Galaxy Fold smartphone back in 2019. It is unlikely that Samsung will discontinue the Galaxy Z Fold series or the Galaxy Z Flip series once it shifts R&D to newer designs. The upcoming rollable-screen phone and slidable phone could likely be separate smartphones in the series.

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