Too used to using your phone while driving? This app will keep you safe

Talking on the phone while driving is not only distracting, it can also prove to be incredibly dangerous. This is a fact that almost everyone of us is fully aware of. But still, there are times we just can’t stop ourselves from answering that call or each one of us is well rehearsed with this rule. But nevertheless, there are times when we can’t stop ourselves from answering a phone call while driving.

There can be many reasons for this. Maybe we are expecting an important call, or maybe there is someone calling repeatedly so it would be inappropriate to avoid the call.

Whatever the reason maybe, it still doesn’t make mixing driving and talking any less dangerous. It increases the risk of accidents many folds. Scores of people lose their lives in road accidents each year and many more are seriously injured. Not surprisingly, many of these accidents are linked to mobile usage in one way or another.

With the growing number of accidents caused by it, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that talking while driving is as hazardous as drunk drinking. But most of us ignore or forget this. So if you must talk on your smartphone while driving (despite being aware of the risks), we recommend using an app that you should use to ensure road safety. It’s called Kruzr.

Currently in beta testing mode, Kruzr is an Android app that acts like a sieve for phone calls. In other words, it only lets very important calls reach you while you are driving. Here’s how Kruzr works. Each time you start driving, the app starts to work on its own (provided you’ve turned on GPS functionality). When you receive a call, Kruzr answers it on your behalf. It then instructs the caller that they can press 1 to proceed (if they think that the call is important), or press 2 to leave a voice message.

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