Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope : November 16 – November 22, 2020

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Aries: Ganesha says a time when you will enjoy fully at the pleasures

that the senses can give. A fine time for artists and painters,

connoisseurs, gourmets, all those concerned with the art of good

living. I must ask here, is there any other way to live? You will also

have much to do with family values and also financial transactions. A

wonderful trend for the period, says Ganesha.

Taurus: Action, work, and employment are the focus. In fact, those not

employed may get jobs, or better prospects for those who do not have

suitable jobs are favored. It’s the right time to develop a good work

ethos, because the rewards will come. Ganesha guarantees that.

Gemini: A period of immense satisfaction for you, both for work and

for relationships at all levels, even for recreation and play. Family,

work, entertainment, children and hobbies, creative pursuits all give

pleasure, especially the satisfaction of a duty well done.

Cancer: The moon made you ready to take on the world, chance your arm!

You will now be romantic, even ardent, full of passion and love, and

enthusiasm. You will have the drive and determination to take on

anything you want to try your luck at. Travel is particularly

important, along with meeting people from distant lands, relatives,

tourists, visitors. You will extend your hospitality, too.

Leo: Financially, an upswing. Loans and funds will materialize for

work projects. Investments and capital formation will be expedited,

and so also finance for new projects. Employment prospects will also

improve for those who are already employed. A house move / shift, even

immigration are favored.

Virgo: This is the real time for trips, relationships, loans and

finances, to work out smoothly. Conversely though, it’s also the time

for coming together or separating permanently. That’s the way the

stars work for you, says Ganesha.

Libra: News and views will take top priority. It is good news for you

and bodes well for the future. It is also the time for mutual giving

and taking in relationships, for interfacing with as many people as


Scorpio: Once again, the focus is on finances, but it’s through the

opposite of a zoom lens – it’s long – range, for the years to come. I

mean by this that your activities now will create avenues for making

money in the long – term future, not this immediate future. You will

be building up your financial muscle and clout.

Sagittarius: It is a tie of warmth, intimacy, caring, and sharing with

family, parents, kin, in – laws. A clan gathering or family get –

together may occur. Religious rites, some type of reverence paid to

ancestors may also be performed or participated in. It’s the lares and

penates (Latin for household gods and Ganesha, of course) for you this


Capricorn: Work may well become the center of your existence, as it

will overshadow almost all other concerns. You may receive secret help

and guidance in your endeavors. However, it is a slightly tricky time

with regard to health, so a little care and some safeguards may be

necessary. You are supposed to be careful and meticulous. I think it’s

time to live up your sign.

Aquarius: The house / home and family are in focus and as a direct

opposite, travel as well. You will also alternate between period of

rest and intense activity, bordering on manic. Home and office will

come together in some way, or you could be operating from home. Also,

your artistic ability will be at full flow, and greatly appreciated by


Pisces: This could be the time not just to make decisions but to

execute them, especially where partnerships, business or marriage and

even migrating to foreign lands are concerned. Personal issues like

health, children, a major house move are important, too.

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