Google brings theft detection feature with Android 15

Google has finally introduced the new OS update for mobile users – Android 15. The new iteration of Android comes with a suite of new features focused on enhancing user interface and privacy. One such feature aimed at improving user privacy is a set of advanced theft protection features aimed at strengthening the security of Android devices and safeguarding users’ data in the face of theft attempts.
The new Theft Detection features have been developed in response to the increasing reliance of users on smartphones for various tasks like online banking, storing sensitive information, and capturing cherished memories. According to Google, the new suite of features will protect users before, during, or after the case of theft. The availability feature will roll out through Google Play services updates later this year to users using Android phones running on Android 10+, with some features available only with Android 15.
Google is unveiling enhanced device and data protection measures to thwart theft attempts before they occur. These upgrades include an improved factory reset protection feature that makes it challenging for thieves to reset stolen devices and resell them. With this feature, if a device gets stolen, it will become unsellable without the owner’s credentials, significantly reducing incentives for theft.

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