WhatsApp’s new ‘text detection’ feature on iOS lets users extract text from images

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is widely rolling out the ‘Text detection’ feature on iOS which allows users to extract text right out of an image. The company is rolling out this feature to everyone after installing the latest WhatsApp for iOS 23.5.77 update, reports WABetaInfo. When users open an image which contains text, they will see a new button that allows them to copy text from the image.
For privacy reasons, this feature is not compatible with the view once images.
Last month, it was reported that the messaging platform was rolling out a sticker maker tool on iOS, which allows users to convert images into stickers.
Earlier this week, WhatsApp was widely rolling out the ‘voice status updates’ feature on iOS, with which users can record a voice note and share it through Status.
The maximum recording time for a voice note is 30 seconds, and users can also forward voice notes from their chats to status.
WhatsApp to replace phone number with username in groups chat list
WhatsApp is rolling out a new update for group participants which replaces phone numbers with username names within the chat list. After the new update, users will see push names instead of phone numbers if they receive a message from any unknown contact in the WhatsApp group.
In December last year WhatsApp started introducing a new feature which swapped phone numbers with push names within the message bubble of group chats. The feature made it easier for users to recognize the messages from unknown contacts in the group chat window. Now according to WAbetainfp, WhatsApp is bringing this feature to its chat list too so that users get to know from whom they received messages in the group chat. The new update is not that big but will make it easier for recipients to know who the unknown contact is without saving the number in their contact list. The feature might also replace phone number with username even in different sections of the app like the group participants list.
This update will make it easier for users to understand who the sender is in the group especially in the large groups, where it is not possible to save contacts of each and every group member.
Notably, the update will show the username of only the group participants in the preview of messages within the chatlist and not for any personal chats from unsaved contacts.

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