YouTube TV launches ‘multiview’ feature for watching multiple streams at once

YouTube TV has launched a new “Multiview” feature that will allow subscribers to watch up to four different programs at the same time. The streaming giant said that early access to multiview will roll out to all YouTube TV members over the next few months. Initially, only select users in the US will gain access to multiview on TV devices. “During early access, some members will begin to see an option to watch up to four pre-selected, different streams at once in their ‘Top Picks for You’ section. After selecting multiview, viewers will be able to switch audio and captions between streams, and jump in and out of a fullscreen view of a game,” YouTube said in a blogpost.
The company said that those who are part of early access will receive an email and see an alert about this feature in their YouTube TV experience. As multi-viewing requires a high-powered device, it will be limited to users who have specific equipment, according to the company.
YouTube intends to monitor feedback from multiview users as more people gain access in the coming months and the NFL (National Football League) season approaches.
The goal is for all subscribers to have access to multiview by the start of the regular season.
YouTube has confirmed the access date for NFL Sunday Ticket, which will start from September 10.

Source: IANS

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