Pakistan Tourism Industry Hit after India’s Surgical Strikes: Nawaz Sharif

Actual Photo: Pakistani female police commandos attend a training session near Peshawar. (AP Photo:Mohammad Sajjad)

Islamabad: Shortly after Lt General Ranbir Singh, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), announced at a press conference that India has carried out surgical strikes across Line of Control targeting terror launchpads, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif has criticized India sharply for their behavior. Mr Sharif has said that this is a direct attack on tourism industry in Pakistan and it will not be tolerated.

Thought from Pakistan: Such is our infamy that whenever there is a lunatic who blows himself up in a foreign land, we wait anxiously, our fingers crossed, hoping that the perpetrator is not one of us. Our country accounts for more suicide bombings than Iraq or Afghanistan and has more than its fair share of sectarian and other hate crimes.

We keep blowing up our schools so that our girls don’t get an education, keep silencing our moderates who preach tolerance and keep living in the false belief that the world is out to get us. The fact is that for most of the rest of the world, which in any case is moving ahead, we are not more than a headache that refuses to go away.

Tensions have been high across LoC after the terror attack in Uri earlier this month and now India has responded by striking on terror launchpads on the other side of LoC.

“First they came for our agriculture by reviewing Indus Water Treaty, then they came for our manufacturing by reviewing MFN status, and now they are directly attacking our tourism industry by targeting the terror camps. Terrorists from all over the world come to Pakistan to enjoy our hospitality. Now India wants to scare them away through such attacks, this is an act of war”, Pakistani PM Mr Sharif said at a press conference.

image“We suffered huge losses when our esteemed guests like Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Mohammed Omar and Mullah Akhtar Mansour etc were killed inside Pakistan. However, USA pays us more than what we earn through terror tourism so we didn’t make much noise about our losses then, India to paise bhi nahin de raha humein. We worked hard and somehow managed to rebuild our industry and convinced terrorists that we are still a safe and enjoyable place to visit. However, this direct strike by India really jeopardizes things and hurts our economy”, Mr Sharif added.

When someone asked whether Pakistan is preparing any response to the surgical strikes by India, Mr Sharif said,”That is a question for the wrong Sharif, I don’t decide things here.”

Except for the comment the article was first published by First Post and is a satire or Fake News


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