Modi has externalized his  domestic agenda of spreading Islamophobia in India

Right now, India’s global reputation as a viable Democracy and a Secular nation is under scrutiny as it has descended into a major milestone of steep descent into darkness of bigotry and Islamophobia. Modi that […]


Lloyd Austin is confirmed, becoming the first Black defense secretary in U.S. history

WASHINGTON (TIP): The Senate on Friday, January 22, confirmed Lloyd J. Austin III as defense secretary, filling a critical national security position in President Biden’s cabinet and elevating him as the first Black Pentagon chief. […]


Iraq issues arrest warrant for Trump over Soleimani killing

Baghdad (TIP): An arrest warrant was issued on Thursday for outgoing President Donald Trump in connection with the killing of an Iranian general and a powerful Iraqi militia leader last year, Iraq‘s judiciary said. The […]

Indian American

Indian-Origin Chef in Australia Feeding Needy during the Pandemic 

MELBOURNE  (TIP): An Indian-origin chef in Australia has been tirelessly working to deliver free food to the homeless and needy people, including international students, ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out and is now raising funds […]


Clash of Civilizations

 Islam, more than any other religion, smells apostasy in rejection of its beliefs More than any other religion in our universe, Islam smells apostasy and insult in any rejection of its beliefs, however casual the […]


Global Covid-19 Cases top 48.5mn: Johns Hopkins

The overall number of global coronavirus cases has topped the 48.5 million mark, while the deaths have surged to more than 1,231,610, according to the Johns Hopkins University. As of Friday (Nov 6) morning, the […]


Mosul is a graveyard: Final ISIS battle kills 9,000 civilians

MOSUL (TIP): The price Mosul’s residents paid in blood to see their city freed was 9,000 to 11,000 dead, a civilian casualty rate nearly 10 times higher than what has been previously reported. The number killed in the nine-month battle to liberate […]


Mosul’s Christians face dilemma after Islamic State

ARBIL (IRAQ) (TIP): The jihadists may have been ousted from their Iraqi hometown of Mosul but many Christians like Haitham Behnam refuse to go back and trade in the stability of their new lives. “There’s no security, no […]


Iraq declares end of caliphate after capture of Mosul mosque

BAGHDAD (TIP): After eight months of grinding urban warfare, Iraqi government troops on Thursday, June 29, captured the ruined mosque at the heart of Islamic State’s de facto capital Mosul, and the prime minister declared […]


Iran votes for reform

“Mr. Rouhani’s decisive victory is a shot in the arm for the moderates coming after the elections in February last year for the Parliament and the Assembly of Experts where the moderates and the reformists had registered […]


Newly freed Chelsea Manning: ‘I’m figuring things out’

KANSAS CITY (TIP): Pvt Chelsea Manning, the soldier who was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison for giving classified materials to WikiLeaks, said today that she’s excited about what lies ahead, just hours after she walked free after serving […]


34 dead, 2,000 sick with suspected cholera in Yemen: WHO

34 dead, 2,000 sick with suspected cholera in Yemen: WHO SANAA (TIP): Thirty-four people have died of cholerarelated causes and more than 2,000 have been taken ill in less than two weeks in Yemen, the World Health Organization said on […]


Monitor says air strikes kill 11 people north of Syria’s Raqqa

Monitor says air strikes kill 11 people north of Syria‘s Raqqa BEIRUT (TIP): Air strikes killed at least 11 people, including four children, in a village north of the Syrian city of Raqqa overnight, a war monitoring […]

United States

US may ban laptops on all flights from Europe

US may ban laptops on all flights from Europe WASHINGTON (TIP): The Department of Homeland Security is considering banning laptops and other large electronic devices from carry-on bags on flights from Europe to the United States, a department spokesman […]

Suicide truck bombing kills 15 in Baghdad: Iraqi officials
Middle East

Suicide truck bombing kills 15 in Baghdad: Iraqi officials

BAGHDAD (TIP): A suicide truck bomb targeted a police checkpoint in southern Baghdad on Wednesday night, killing 15 people and wounding 45, according to Iraqi officials. The bomber detonated the vehicle, an oil tanker laden […]

Iraqi forces retake over a third of west Mosul- Commander
Middle East

Iraqi forces retake over a third of west Mosul: Commander

MOSUL (TIP): Iraqi security forces have retaken more than a third of west Mosul from the Islamic State group since launching an assault on the area last month, a commander said today. “Around more than […]


Islamic State planning attacks in Britain: Anti- terrorism lawyer

LONDON (TIP): Islamic State militants are planning “indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians” in Britain on a scale similar to those staged by the Irish Republican Army 40 years ago, the head of the country’s new […]

Car blast kills 51 in Iraq
Middle East

Car blast kills 51 in Iraq, scores wounded Islamic State claims responsibility

BAGHDAD (TIP): A car packed with explosives blew up on Thursday, February 16, in southern Baghdad, killing at least 51 people and wounding 55, security and medical sources said, in the deadliest such attack in […]

Hillary Clinton maintained her cool, only showing a little impatience at times, during the grilling by Republican Congressmen at the 11 hour long congressional hearing on Benghazi

Presidential debates: Hillary has an edge but irrationality rules

The US democratic machinery entered the home stretch for the Presidential elections slated for November 8 with the two leading candidates ending the three-phase debate on Wednesday, October 19. The third debate was also replete […]


Forces moving ‘faster than expected’ on Mosul: Iraq PM

PARIS (TI): Iraqi forces are “advancing faster than expected” in a major offensive to recapture Mosul from Islamic State jihadists, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Oct 20. “We are advancing faster than we […]


Russia extends Aleppo truce by 24 hours: Defence minister

MOSCOW (TIP): Russia‘s defence minister said Oct 20 that Moscow was extending a “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo scheduled to end at 1600 GMT by a further day. On the order of President Vladimir Putin, “a […]

Middle East

Iraqi special forces join Mosul offensive against IS

KHAZER (TIP): Iraqi special forces joined the Mosul offensive on Oct 20 with a pre-dawn advance on a nearby town held by the Islamic State group, encountering heavy fire. Major general Maan al-Saadi said the […]

Middle East

Pentagon confronts a new threat from ISIS: Exploding drones

WASHINGTON (TIP): Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State in northern Iraq last week shot down a small drone the size of a model airplane. They believed it was like the dozens of drones the terrorist […]


Defense secretary: US will sharpen ‘military edge’ in Asia

SAN DIEGO (TIP): Defence secretary Ash Carter said on sept 29 the US will “sharpen our military edge” in Asia and the Pacific in order to remain a dominant power in a region feeling the […]


First Presidential Debate turns #Trump into a Lying Machine

Readers: This is a strange Election where one has to vote for the lesser of two evils; this being said who would you vote for – someone who makes a mistake and admits it or […]