Does Trump want a Wall to Prevent Mexicans from going back to Mexico?

Devraj Aiyar
Devraj Aiyar

My Dog Mexi (short for Mexi-can) hated winter the most and was in his usual complaining mood

“Can’t wait for this winter to get over, would U pls raise the heat in the house??”

“Well, it is already high enough and just to let you know, I am not a politician, just a small business man and this is the best I can afford.

It’s a pity, he said. My friend, Buzzo (a large bull dog) at the park says he has bedroom for himself while I still sleep in one corner of the family room. He has invited me over so many times to show me his lifestyle

“That’s fine”, I said, “maybe, U should go and take a look. Many times all is not what it looks.”

“Aw come on” he said. “His master drives a Lexus and it is kind of embarrassing for me to jump out of a Nissan Sentra. Even the Collar he wears has class.”

I was beginning to get a little complex “Well, a car is a car and a collar a collar. They serve the same purpose and for that matter I don’t care what anyone thinks.”

He is served with “Organic Chicken and for the weekends with his favorite fish. I get to eat practically what you eat. Leftovers mostly”

“That should make you happy. Not many dogs get to eat what their master does.Well U r lucky that U get to walk with and eat like your owner.”

Mexi continued as if I have not spoken “Oh I forgot to mention,Buzzo’s master arranges for a weekly session with the Trainer which also included a warm water bath in the Jacuzzi and a special massage after that.”

This was getting uncomfortable “Well that’s not very difficult. I can arrange that for you but without the trainer.”

Mexi sounded alarmed “Oh No!! If it’s not done by a professional, then I am better off without it. Instead why don’t you let me make a trip to Mexico with all the money, you are saving. I have not met my relatives for a while and I am sure they enjoy a much better lifestyle”

“Well, I don’t think so. If that was the case, they would not be pouring into America by the thousands. Also Donald Trump would not have to build “THE WALL.

Mexi sounded a bit annoyed this time “That’s just an election gimmick. What you must know is Mr. Trump is building the wall to prevent the Mexicans from going back to Mexico and not the other way around. He wants to ensure the cheap supply of labor year around which he uses to build Trump towers.”

I was taken aback by Mexi’s political knowledge “Well let me remind you that it is not just Mr. Trump but every American to become The President wants to build “The Wall”. Mr. Trump has discovered that Americans are mainly unemployed because of Mexicans. Also Mr. Trump has found out that many of your relatives are rapists and criminals. In fact, before he gets elected, we may have to even find out if you have entered the country legally or not.”

Mexi sounded a little alarmed this time “What do you mean by that?? Dogs do not need to have any passports. Rules that govern you do not apply to us”. In fact, my relatives can visit the US anytime. Only their Masters will be prevented from entering by the “Wall”

I pretended that I had begun to read a book. Mexi was right. He had the advantage, in this case, of being a Dog.


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