Awesome Internet Television (AIT) & 3rd Rock International

‘Awesome Internet Television’ (AIT) launched by two South Asians in New Jersey creates history by becoming the First Television network that will stream LIVE telecast on the Internet with its futuristic concept, taking television to its new heights.

NEWYORK (TIP): It was the night where all roads led to Katra, the moroccan-themed lounge and restaurant on the Lower East side in Manhattan. The glitterati, all dressed to please, heralded an event that had an enormous impact on the Indian entertainment industry not only in America, but all over the world. It was the DUAL LAUNCH of Awesome Internet Television(AIT) and 3rd Rock International. In short, history was being made that night! The lounge was jam-packed and there was the pitter patter of laughter and an all-round whispers of the event to come. As the excitement built up and the drinks were served in a serene, yet exciting atmosphere of Katra, the lights dimmed and everyone was called to attention. The crowd turned in unison to face the raised enclosure where the whole team of Awesome Internet Television(AIT) and 3rd Rock International stood…most of them dressed in tuxedos& gorgeous dresses. As the lights went out and a big applause filled the room, the young and pretty host of the event, gave everyone a brief outlook of the evening to follow. Following the brief introduction, Ritesh Parikh &Nutan Kalamdani, founders of AIT, took the microphone and gave everyone a glimpse into the workings of Awesome Internet Television and the ‘awesome’ things to expect from it. AIT is the brainchild of Ritesh Parikh and Nutan Kalamdani. Entertainment in all its forms is not at all new to both of the coowners. They have dabbled in producing movies, television, event management, party promotions and talent management and everything in between.

Awesome Internet Television is a 24-hour TV channel freely available online that will telecast world-class entertainment while investing in leading edge technologies and providing a platform for advertising and marketing opportunities. AIT will be available on your TV, Laptop, Tablet or cellphone. And, the best part…it’s FREE. Next came brief introductions to all the team members present including Tirthankar Das, Gunjesh Desai, Ajayendra Loka, Nikhil Kalamdani, Grace Subervi, Sonny Mujumdar, Sanyya Gardez, Monica Gill, Nisha Kalamdani, Viral Shah, David Puran & the promising production crew. Ritesh Parikh & Nutan Kalamdani rallied the crowd with their speech and made them all cheer throughout, ending with a loud applause. On their cue, a small video presentation was screened on Awesome Internet Television, which was jazzy and informative at the same time and was well received by the audience. AIT also boasts of an impressive Advisory Board consisting of veteran media person John Perry, Shailesh Jhalani, Paul Singh, Jeetender Singh, and Sunil Shah. Finally, Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock Entertainment and Director of India Operations for AIT, spoke a few words and introduced his company with a small video presentation.

He is an expert in event management & promotions, brand activations, movie promotions and International artist concerts in India and has been associated with more than 37 Hindi film promotions as well as Hollywood films like Riddick, Jack Reacher, Fast & Furious 5, Escape Plan and more. He has also organized concerts with international artists like Pitbull, Bryan Adams, Fatboy Slim, Guns ‘N Roses and over 15 individual DJ tours. 3rd Rock launched its US division in New York – 3rd Rock International which will collaborate with Awesome Television as its strategic partner on many upcoming projects in the near future. Among the many VIP guests that attended, were actor Bill Sorvino, filmmaker Tirlok Malik, actor Samrat Chakrabarti, Juned Qazi, Film Distributors, Event organizers, Top Industrialists, Media personnel and several others. The evening celebrations continued with drinks and a small selection of Indian delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes sponsored by Castle (Raja Jhanjee) including delectable desserts sponsored by Sattvika. In addition, the gala booklets were sponsored by American Professional Management (Kamal Mohideen). When the event ended, everyone left with a feeling of excitement for awesome things to come.

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