Democracy is in our veins, no discrimination against minorities: PM Modi

US President Joe Biden and India’s Prime Minister Modi at the press conference at the White House on June 22. 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. (TIP): Asserting that democracy is “in our spirit…and flows in our veins”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, June 22, said there is no question of discrimination in India on the grounds of caste or religion because his government follows the Constitution, which is formed on the basic values of democracy.

Responding to a question at a joint press conference with US President Joe Biden after their comprehensive deliberations, Modi also strongly defended India’s record on democracy and his government’s performance and human rights, saying that the basic foundation stone of his government has been ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas’ which means together for everyone’s growth, with everyone’s trust.

“India is a democracy. And as President Biden said democracy is in the DNA of both India and America. Democracy is in our spirit. Democracy flows in our veins. We live democracy. Our forefathers moulded it in words, which we call the Constitution. Our government runs on the fundamental principles of this Constitution. We have proved that democracy can deliver. When I say deliver it means there is no place for discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed, gender, religion,” Modi said.

He was responding to a question about the steps taken by his government to improve the rights of minorities in India and uphold free speech. “When you talk of democracy, if there are no human values and there is no humanity, there are no human rights then that is not a democracy at all. So, when you talk about democracy and you accept democracy and when we live democracy, then there is absolutely no space for discrimination,” the Prime Minister asserted.

“That is why India believes in moving ahead with ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas’. These are our foundation principles, which are the basis of how we operate and how we live our lives in India.

The benefits that are provided by the government are accessible to all whoever deserves those benefits is available to everybody,” the prime minister said.

“That is why in India’s democratic values there is absolutely no discrimination neither on the basis of caste creed or age or any kind of geographic location,” Modi said.

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