Tribute to Ramesh D. Kalicharan- A humanitarian to the core

In this recent picture, Ramesh Kalicharan- (left) is seen with Santram Bhanjhanjan who read out his recognition

By Ashook Ramsaran

Good evening, everyone.

This is not an easy thing for me to do as we have lost a dear soul amongst us in a shocking and very untimely way. Our sincere sympathies to you, especially Judy and the children, grandchildren and family members.

We have lost a dear friend – a husband, father and brother. His family included the community which he embraced whole heartedly. This is an untimely and heart wrenching loss for all of us.

Ramesh D. Kalicharan, known to everyone as Kali, is known for his exemplary pioneering community service to immigrant communities in New York and for his relentless and selfless service in promotion and preservation of Indian culture globally.

An outstanding community stalwart and humanitarian at heart and in practice – giving and helpful, yet humble. He lived by example, an outstanding example and a mentor to many, including myself.

He was an ardent advocate, cultural activist and promoter, business entrepreneur. He was a prominent and well recognized cornerstone of the community, having pioneered several programs which promoted interests of Indo-Caribbean people in New York and the Caribbean.

Kali loved taking, displaying and preserving photos, advertising on in the magazines and newspapers, a reservoir of knowledge, information, photos, books, magazines, videos, songs. He loved participating in parade floats in New York City, Queens and Long Island. He was very creative in putting together posters, flyers, logos and collages – the ultimate “Cut and paste” long before the advent of computers.

He is widely recognized with several awards as acknowledgement of his commitment and community service. He was an active member of several community organizations and well recognized for his exemplary contributions to his community and the promotion of Indian culture and heritage.

As an outstanding business and civic leader of the Guyanese community in Queens, he generously gave time, talent and resources toward the betterment of his community and the preservation of its cultural heritage. He was an icon among Indo-Caribbean people with a long lasting legacy of selfless service. Sincere gratitude for his valuable contribution to the cultural

I have already started the process of renaming a portion of 169th Street as “Kali Avenue). It is a fitting and well deserved tribute to Kali, his ideals and his legacy.

His humility and extra-ordinary contributions transcend time and place, and made him one of the most admirable philanthropists among Indo-Caribbean people in New York and the Caribbean.

An untimely passing but a lasting legacy of selfless service and goodwill.

Best wishes to Judy and the children and grandchildren and other members of Kali’s family as you cope with this tremendous loss.

Rest in Peace, my dear Brother Kali.

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