Bring some fun into your outfit with floral prints

Flowers have always been a symbol of beauty and grace, usually loved by women across the world. Moreover, designers all over are reviving floral prints in outfits because of which this is slowly turning out to be the hottest trend in clothing.

Lacy/Pencil Skirt

A lacy floral skirt offers a subtler yet stylish look. Try a slim pencil skirt in floral pattern for a chic look. Add a crisp shirt in a solid colour and slip on a metallic ballerina flat to finish the look. The harmony of colours is quite important.

Maxi Dress

Pair a flowing floral Maxi dress with comfortable height uplifting stacked heels or sandals. Keep your accessories delicate to balance the floral look. Take your look up a notch with a leather hat. You could also add a chunky cardigan against protection in cold weather.

The Beachy Dress

A beachy dress in floral goes well for a beach party or a brunch. Look for burgundy, forest green or mustard yellow dress. Merely changing the colours of the print can make a huge difference.

Floral Jeans

For some experiment with your regular denims, try floral patterned jeans. Pair your jeans with a white full sleeve shirt for an elegant appeal. You can also opt to roll up the pant cuffs and wear a pair of metallic flip-flops to beautify the look.

Other style tricks to dress in floral:

–              It is essential that you feel confident with what you are wearing.

–              The floral print should be the main part of your outfit. So style your look with minimal accessories.

–              Don’t shy away from brighter colors. Always pair them with a complimenting colour.

–              Floral prints aren’t just for summer. Darker prints work well in the winter.

Source: ANI

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