Signs you are in happy, healthy relationship

It’s hard to see clearly when caught up in the foggy feeling called love, and we may later realize blind spots we missed during the course of a relationship. But when you have a good, healthy relationship, you’ll know. It just feels right, right? Learn these five signs to make sure you are currently in a healthy relationship or to prepare for your next one.


Respect ensures that we feel valued. Show respect by thanking each other, show interest in one another’s days and truly listen to each other’s feelings.


You do not need a 5-course dinner. A simple walk on the beach and a conversation over a cup of coffee will do!


Sure everyone loves big romantic presents, however, the smaller ones like breakfast in bed are the most meaningful one.


Heard of oxytocin? This sometimes called the “love hormone” cements a strong bond, reduces stress and provides a foundation for lasting commitment.


Working as a team is important in a healthy relationship. Think how easy (or not) it is to plane housework, shopping lists, a vacation, etc.

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