Ways to hydrate dry and breaking hair

Let us start with what is dry hair. Your hair is dry when it lacks or loses the ability to retain moisture, leaving your hair dry and brittle. This in return leads to hair breakage with your hair appearing dull and unhealthy.

Reasons for dry hair

–              Excessive use of heat styling tools, incorrectly or without proper knowledge

–              Environmental factors, like dust, UV rays of the sun, etc.

–              Using hair accessories like metal clips or hair ties causing constant friction, leading to breakage of hair

–              Undergoing chemical treatment, like hair smoothening, hair coloring, pre-lightening, etc without professional guidance

–              Using harsh chemical shampoos and conditioners which are not suitable for your hair

Treatment for dry hair

–              Taking intensive hair spa treatment on a regular basis helps in nourishing and hydrating dry hair. The Intense Hair Spa, which is customized to your specific hair concern, done even as often as once a week works wonders in treating dry hair. It works on the bond and on the molecular structure of the hair for intense hydration

–              Any chemical treatment for hair should be done post the consultation with an expert or a specialist and under their supervision only. This is because the experts will examine and understand your hair condition, after which they will suggest the right chemical treatment to go for. This will help you to get desired results while maintaining hair moisture and avoiding damage and breakage


–              Whenever heat styling tools are used make sure you use heat protection on hair before styling. Never use heat styling tools without hair protection as they can dry your hair further and cause breakage

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