Nawaz Sharif raises Kashmir issue in his United Nations General Assembly Speech

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday, Sep 30, raked up the Kashmir issue in his UN general assembly speech.

In a bid to show to the world that Pakistan is willing to take peace moves with India, Sharif proposed a new 4-point peace initiative including demilitarisation of Kashmir and Siachen and formalization of border ceasefire.

On the expansion of the United Nations Security Council, Sharif said “Pakistan supports a comprehensive reform of the United Nations, and UN Security Council”. “We need SC that is more democratic, accountable, and transparent. Not a council that is an expanded club of the powerful and privileged.”

Sharif called for the demilitarization of the divided Himalayan region of Kashmir, and for both countries to respect a 2003 cease-fire on the de facto frontier where there has been an increase in cross-border firing.

Sharif also called for an unconditional withdrawal of forces from the Siachen Glacier, often dubbed the world’s highest battlefield, where the two militaries have been arrayed against each other for years.

Prior to the address Nawaz Sharif attended global leaders meeting on gender equality and women empowerment organized by China and UN women.

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