Dems Apply More Pressure on GOP ‘Cowards’ Endorsing Trump

Sen. Harry Reid said:
Sen. Harry Reid said: "Republicans who continue to support Trump are cowards. They have put political party over the good of their nation".

WASHINGTON (TIP): Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada called Republicans supporting presidential nominee Donald Trump “cowards” and called for Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to withdraw his endorsement, in a statement Thursday, August 4.

The statement, as reported by the Washington Examiner, comes amid a tumultuous week for Trump that has led Democratic leaders to put his supporters in an awkward position to have to defend his controversial statements or denounce their partisan endorsement. McConnell is the latest target for this strategy.

“Again and again, Donald Trump has proven himself unfit for the presidency,” the Senate minority leader said. “But instead of standing up to him, Sen. McConnell has spent months enabling this unstable hatemonger. This is no surprise – Sen. McConnell has done more to enable Trump than any other Republican elected official. Indeed, Sen. McConnell has been Trump’s most important enabler.

“Even before Trump, Republican leaders had already hollowed out the core of their party by abandoning ideas and looking the other way when hateful rhetoric suited their political purposes. Trump learned the worst of politics from watching them, and instead of standing for what is right, Republicans like Sen. McConnell are marching behind him.

“Republicans who continue to support Trump are cowards. They have put political party over the good of their nation. Sen. McConnell is failing this critical test of leadership. He should demonstrate common decency by withdrawing his support for Trump.”

McConnell has a dislike for Trump while endorsing the candidate in the name of keeping the GOP unified, according to the Washington Examiner


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