No Excuses, Mr. Modi. Live up to your declarations of corruption free governance

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Politicians will be politicians. They do not take time to change tracks. A Mr. Modi who has been relentlessly condemning the UPA government for the rampant corruption by its ministers and party leaders has suddenly and strangely gone dumb when his party’s ministers have been involved in unseemly controversies, and, in cases of corruption, if corruption is not remain confined to financial bungling alone; and I am sure, corruption embraces all doings which are   not   legally and morally permissible.

    In the case of Vasundhara Raje Scindia, the BJP Chief Minister of Rajasthan, the evidence of her wrong doing is incontrovertible. How can a responsible citizen, and in her case, a leader of standing, go against the interests of the nation and her people to support and protect a fugitive from law? Yet the party is trying to defend the indefensible. Strangely enough, a party which would have shouted itself hoarse demanding resignation and hanging of the wrongdoing minister from any other party is keeping quiet. Where are gone the high moral standards of Mr. Modi and his cohorts?

    It is pathetic to find BJP spokespersons alleging that Sonia or Rahul misrepresented their educational qualifications when the issue of Smriti Irani submitting three different versions about her educational qualifications is raised. Let Sonia and Rahul be penalized for any breach of law. But why defend Smriti? Why should she not bear responsibility for the wrong information provided to the Election Commission? Why the Prime Minister should not order a probe and ease out the minister till the probe is completed? Mr. Modi used to make fun of Dr. Manmohan Singh that he keeps “maun” (silent). Let him now ask himself if he is any better than Dr. Manmohan Singh. Easier to preach than to practice. Mr. Modi. Discipline your flock. Or, else, you will soon find yourself in no better position than Congress party is today.


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