Sri Chinmoy And Ravi Shankar

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They are two great musicians who gave India‘s divine gift of soulful music to the whole world. Ravi Shankar was the greatest Sitar player in the world who passed away recently. Spiritual master Sri Chinmoy composed 21000 soulful songs and performed in 700 Peace Concerts around the world based on his own meditative compositions and using a number of musical instruments. Sri Chinmoy left his body in October, 2007. Both will be eternally alive through their music and inspire humanity through generations. Sri Chinmoy met Ravi Shankar in 1973. They met again in 2002 in San Diego, California.

Sri Chinmoy honored Ravi Shankar in his unique way by lifting him up on a specially prepared platform and giving him ‘U Thant Award’. Afterwards they visited Yogananda Centre. Sri Chinmoy composed a beautiful song for Paramhansa Yogananda at the same spot where Yoganada wrote the famous book, ‘Autobiagraphy of a Yogi’. Sri Chinmoy’s disciples sang the song. Olympian Sudhahota Carl Lewis also joined. ( Sudhahota is his spiritual name given by his Guru Sri Chinmoy) In October, 2002 Ravi Shankar traveled to New York to perform a private concert for Sri Chinmoy and his disciples. Sri Chinmoy composed a song for Ravi Shankar in his native Bengali. They were always in contact by phone till Sri Chinmoy left his body in 2007.

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