US coronavirus death toll passes 150,000: Johns Hopkins

The country recorded more than 4.38 million total cases.

WASHINGTON (TIP): More than 150,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the United States, according to a tally maintained by Johns Hopkins University.

The world’s worst-hit country announced its first coronavirus-related death at the end of February and has now recorded more than 4.38 million total cases, the Baltimore-based university reported on Wednesday, July 29.

Trump ally who skipped mask tests positive

A Republican lawmaker who made a habit of walking around Congress without a mask tested positive for the coronavirus Wednesday, July 29, as he prepared to leave for his native Texas with President Donald Trump.

Louie Gohmert announced his diagnosis a day after attending a major hearing featuring testimony from Attorney General Bill Barr, with whom he was seen walking and chatting at a close distance while neither wore a mask.

Gohmert, 66, said he was asymptomatic and downplayed his diagnosis.

He has worn a mask sporadically in recent weeks, and suggested Wednesday that moving it around on his face because it is uncomfortable “puts some germs in the mask” and maybe this caused his infection.

Even as the pandemic has raged in the US, President Donald Trump steadfastly ignored recommendations from US medical experts that people wear masks to help curb the spread of the virus and he did not wear one in public until July 11.

Since then, Republican lawmakers who shunned masks have begun to wear them more regularly. But to wear or not wear a mask remains a political flashpoint in America.

Gohmert was tested Wednesday at the White House because he was supposed to accompany Mr. Trump on a visit to Texas.

“So I’m asymptomatic, I don’t have any of the symptoms that are listed as part of COVID-19, but apparently I have the Wuhan virus,” Gohmert said in a video using a term that angers China.

Gohmert said he has worn the mask more in the last week or two than in all of the past four months and did so during Tuesday’s hearing with Barr.

But he took it off a few times and was seen walking and talking with Barr before the hearing.

“Wear a damn mask,” said Democratic representative Jennifer Wexton from Virginia.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you’re a Member of Congress who refuses to wear a mask on Capitol Hill, you’re not only putting your colleagues at risk — you’re endangering the staff who works here, including many of my constituents,” she said.

(Source: AFP) )

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