Benefits of coconut water

Coconut water has been used to treat a variety of health problems from time immemorial. It is used as a medicinal tonic to sports drink because of its high content of potassium and antioxidants.

With much less sugar than other sports drink and fruit juices, it is the most natural way to replenish the supply of electrolytes in our body and prevent dehydration and acidity. Here go some of the health benefits of coconut water:

It has significant anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic properties which helps to minimize skin aging and keeps the connective tissue hydrated and strong.

Regular consumption of coconut water increases the metabolism rate which helps to burn sugar and lose fat faster.

Coconut water also helps in dissolving kidney stones because of the presence of potassium, which plays a key role in urine alkalizing and preventing formation of kidney stones.

Coconut water helps in easy digestion. The water has minerals like calcium, manganese and zinc that helps in replenishing the body.

Coconut water has less sugar and sodium content and has high content of potassium, calcium and chloride which helps to hydrate, replenish and rejuvenate the body.

Coconut water is rich in calcium and is needed for healthy bones, muscles and also tissues.

Coconut water helps to control diabetes. It has the ability to improve blood circulation, widen the blood vessels which get restricted due to the formation of plaque within them and helps the blood to flow smoothly through them.

Coconut comes as a great aid in lowering blood pressure.

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