The curtain is down on another drama : On end of impeachment drama and acquittal of President Trump

Curtains came down Feb 5 on “Drama Impeachment” of President Trump- the third US President to be impeached, bringing cheer and jubilation among Republicans and sighs of desperation among Democrats.

The Democrats will not tire of accusing Senate Republicans of being blind to the failures and foibles of President Trump who they believe is a threat to America, and Republicans accusing Democrats of unethical conduct all along in harassing a performing President and finding faults with him where none existed.

Now that the Drama is over, what do Americans expect of the Republicans and the Democrats?

2020 is the election year. Obviously, another Drama to keep Americans engaged and amused will be unveiled.

Trump and his Republicans have all the good tidings for Americans- a bouncing market, a growing economy, a healthy number of steady job creation, more secure borders, with the border wall in the South, a safer and more secure America, a restrictive immigration policy to keep away hordes of immigrants from entering the country and snatching away the jobs of “Americans” etc. Enough to satisfy Americans.

Democrats , not controlling the levers of power despite of their Congressional majority are left with finding fault with Trump’s foreign policy which they term as erratic , and which they complain has been alienating the traditional partners and supporters of the US on world for a, leading to alienation of the country.

Trump’s trade policies and military engagements abroad are some of the foreign policy issues which have often been criticized by Democrats. But Americans find the Trump policies have not worked against America and Americans. In respect of trade policies, America has been able to make more money as in the case of Trump’s insistence on NATO partners to cough up their fair share. Americans are impressed with billions of dollars coming to the US as a result of Trump’s policies.

What more Democrats have to nail down Trump? “

“Erratic foreign policy” card does not work with Americans who, like common people anywhere in the world, are more interested in having jobs, steady income, social and health benefits enjoy a comfortable living.

How many Americans are bothered about America’s military engagements abroad? Knowing the history of America will help us a little. In its existence of 244 years, America has been engaged in wars for 224 years, with only a brief period of peace spanning 20 years. Americans are used to military engagements. They don’t find it unusual or alarming.

Democrats have found this card failing.

One issue that the Democrats thought will invite the ire of Americans against Trump was his character, and Democrats did indulge in his character assassination with a vengeance and unprecedented vigor, only to find it is a non -issue with most Americans. Democrats dropped it as a hot potato but only after getting some heat on the issue.

The economic disparity between the top 10 percent and the bottom 90 percent does make many think about why it should be what it is. Income disparities are so pronounced that America’s top 10 percent now average more than nine times as much income as the bottom 90 percent, according to data analyzed by UC Berkeley economist Emmanuel Saez. They average over 39 times more income than the bottom 90 percent. The bottom 90 percent surely want a more equitable distribution of wealth. They surely want the benefits of the wealthy America to percolate down to them. But, again, Democrats themselves are divided among the right wing, the center, the left and the ultra-left when it comes to the method to achieve greater fairer distribution of wealth. Here again the Democrats are at a disadvantage.

Immigration is another issue which is equally important for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

President Trump wants a restrictive Immigration policy. No illegal entry. Refugees only selectively. Fewer immigrants to protect the jobs of Americans. He surely desires strongly to get rid of the 15 million odd undocumented and illegal immigrant population, which he could and would do, once Republicans have majority in both the Congress and the Senate. With Supreme Court securely tucked in his pocket, Trump has only to wait until the Republicans gain majority in both the Congress and the Senate when he strikes it big.

What other issues are the Democrats left with?


“Game over”.


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