Weekly Horoscope for April 30 – May 6, 2018

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Contact: +91 8141234275

Aries: Ganesha says the period is action packed. Even the temperature starts sizzling and you are not left out of the furnace in your dealings. You slog away and make deep inroads into success. At many levels, it is a frantic, frenetic and hectic period. There will be scope for the creative expression of your personality and you examine life with vision, optimism and faith. Your thirst for knowledge gains momentum and you pore over whatever you can lay your hands on.

Taurus:You look at bonds, connections, relationships, associations, marriages, engagements, concerts, get-togethers and everything to do with people. You will be in a frenzy of communication as people rally around you. You are in the limelight and much sought after. Your work is going as you want it to and you are super charged. You are a special invitee everywhere. You are in harmony and living and sharing love. There is a new-found finesse in whatever you do.

Gemini: You are stricken by beautiful objects. There may be a whirlwind affair that catches you off balance, or you spend time and money decorating the home and office. You are oozing charm and feel virile / fertile. You get away from the pulls of work and loot at the other areas of your life which need refurnishing. You widen your horizons and increase your interactions and relationships. You reach out to people and places.

Cancer:Your focus at work may suffer as a result of all your other interests and activities. You spend a lot of time with others and, once again, allow mood swings and a fickle temperament to take over your joys. You are very sensitive and emotional and can get buried in the hurts and unsavory episodes of the past. You get out of this soon, but it does take a toll. Watch out for undue stress and possible illness. You give a lot of yourself and are leached on my emotional vampires who find you rare game.

Leo:The tide thankfully changes, and you enter a phase of hard work. You see the immediate rewards and are encouraged to work harder. You put in all that you have. With the work that you have started, and your mind seemingly occupied now, your health improves. You are filled with energy and are set to take off on an exciting, new trajectory. You dazzle with your creativity and charisma. There could also be an addition to the family.

Virgo:Your life is like an unending celebration now. There is better rapport with colleagues, associates, peers and family. You party and entertain lavishly. You are optimistic and are able to fulfil all your obligations. There could be travel on work or a holiday with the family, but the portents are happy moments away from home. You enjoy the good things of life and the sun shines on you in more ways than one.

Libra:You are not laidback or relaxed this period but are full of progressive, even daring ideas for future career advancement and financial success. There is a new intensity in all your dealings as you look for innovative methods to make money. There are new responsibilities at home and you are also looking at serious career advancement. This is a good time to embark on new projects. The stars shine on you.

Scorpio:Watch out for your famed mood swings. This is a volatile period and could get tremendously emotional about some aspect of your life and it could get out of hand like a soap opera gone all wrong. Your family life is important, and it is essential that you work on it. There will be unnecessary misunderstandings and you could be pitch forked into bitter family feuds over inheritance and other issues.

Sagittarius:This is an interesting phase with many contradictory forces at play. You are full of wisdom and caring, exceptionally creative, and, as always, willing to help the needy and downtrodden. On the other hand, you may also be rubbing shoulders with the top honchos of business and industry and signing big deals. Many facets of your personality come to the fore here. You don’t really care about money, but it comes to you nevertheless in bushels.

Capricorn:The dust settles as it has to, and you are back to earth and to the cares, worries and duties of the world. You will be sorting out family issues and work-related problems. It will not be easy, and you will have to walk over burning coal before favorable decisions are arrived at. All issues will be finally resolved but it will take its tie and toll on you and the others. You are full of positive energy, work hard and achieve the desired results.

Aquarius: You are moving ahead at a rapid pace now. There is joy in relationships and sustained progress at work. So, the major aspects of your life are doing well. Health is also good. This is a period marked by the return of old associated to the fold and there will be a lot of partying and merrymaking. You are on stable ground and zooming ahead without a care in the world.

Pisces:The momentum and the pace continue unabated. You are making rapid progress and win laurels for it. There is a surge in your will power, optimism, vision and aspirations. You are expanding on all fronts and the luck of the draw favors you. Your kitty is full, and you can see quite clearly that you are on the right track. You are focused on the growth fast track, and engage yourself with money matters. You set the house in order which is essential to surge ahead. You also find the time to meet up with those who mean a lot to you.

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