Dan Quart Joins Lawmakers and Community Leaders to Denounce Hate Towards Asian Americans and Demand Justice for Yao Pan Ma

Lawmakers and community leaders denounced hate crimes against Asians in East Harlem on April 27

MANHATTAN (TIP): Candidate for Manhattan District Attorney Dan Quart, on April 27, joined lawmakers and community leaders in East Harlem to denounce hatred towards Asian Americans and demand justice for Yao Pan Ma. Yao Pan Ma was brutally attacked Monday night and remains in critical condition at Harlem Hospital.

“The vicious attack on Yao Pan Ma was unacceptable, and the problem of Anti-Asian hate goes even deeper than what we’re seeing because so many crimes go unreported,” said Quart. “There is a valid conversation to be had about the root causes of the attack on Yao Pan Ma, but this is a moment where accountability and justice is required, and that includes aggressive prosecution.”

Dan Quart is one of NYC’s top pro bono attorneys and a New York State Assembly member representing Manhattan’s East Side. A Washington Heights native who grew up in subsidized housing with working-class parents, Dan was raised by a public-school teacher and a social worker who taught him the value of public service. Since graduating law school, he has dedicated his career to standing up for tenants’ rights and advocating for criminal justice reform.

As Manhattan’s next District Attorney, Dan will fight to end mass incarceration, hold law enforcement accountable for police brutality, and ensure that all Manhattanites feel safe. Learn more at DanQuart.com.

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