Republican Hindu Coalition and Donald Trump perfect a Campaign of Misinformation and Hate

Republican candidate Donald Trump at RHC rally in NJ., October 15. RHC Chairman Shally Kumar is seen to his left.
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As I watched the latest Republican Hindu Coalition TV advertisements on some Indian channels, usually viewed by Indian Americans for India news, I was shocked how the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was being dragged in to the US Presidential election.

The RHC TV ad on Aaj Tak and India Today showed repeatedly the photograph of Narendra Modi with a list of accusations against Hillary Clinton. It gave one the impression that Prime Minister Modi was listing the accusations and appealing to US voters to vote for Republican Donald Trump, with the catch line “Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar”, echoing the slogan in India during the 2012 general elections: “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”.

It is hard to believe that Mr. Modi was not aware of the RHC TV campaign, with his vigilant diplomatic staff and intelligence agencies network which report every single event, incident and development to Delhi. His silence only indicates his approval. As they say in Sanskrit: Maunam sammati lakshanam – silence means assent/ approval.

This suspicion grows when one looks at the credentials of RHC Chairman Shalabh Kumar, better known as Shally Kumar who has touted his proximity with Narendra Modi for a long time. He is believed to have been a member of RSS, a Hindu organization. Readers will recall he was keen to organize a reception for Modi in New York but at that time, Modi chose to entrust the job to another favorite of his from Chicago, and a rival of Shally Kumar- Bharat Barai. Though Shally Kumar had to lick the ground then he continued to look for an opportunity to create his impression on Modi that he was a good organizer. He visited India at regular intervals meeting RSS leaders and, reportedly, PM Modi. During the last one year, his visits multiplied. He is reported to have intensified during this period his activities, obviously, with a view to gaining RSS and Modi support for RHC proposal to back Donald Trump, a Republican.

Again, one gets the impression that RSS and Hindu organizations in India are supportive of RHC ‘s open “HINDU” support to Trump when no RSS or Hindu leader objects to the use of the name “HINDU”. The fact, however, is Shally Kumar does not represent all Hindus. Nor do RSS and Hindu organizations in India. Is RHC not involving Hindus in an undesirable controversy? Is RHC not guilty of bringing a bad name to entire Hindu American community by indulging in misinformation and a hate campaign?

Both PM Narendra Modi and RSS leaders in India owe an apology to Indian Americans and, to Hillary Clinton, for allowing RHC to spread misinformation and hate, using Modi’s pictures in the election campaign advertisements and, in the name of Hindus.  The RHC campaign is loaded with diplomatic ramifications and likely to impact adversely US India relations after Hillary takes over as President on January 20, 2017.

Have a look at how Shally Kumar is maligning Hindus who have always stood for truth and propriety. Read the Hindu holy books and you would find Hindus have always been on the side of righteousness. Just recently Hindus the world over celebrated the victory of good over evil in the form of Dussehra and Diwali festivals.

One, Hillary is anti-India. Two, Hillary is anti-Modi. Three, Hillary is a friend of Pakistan. She gave military aid to Pakistan against India. Clinton Foundation, (indirectly, Hillary), funded terrorists.

The misinformation and the hate campaign of RHC includes a tirade against Hillary’s aide, Huma Abedin who is described as a possible “Saudi spy” and “a lesbian lover of Hillary Clinton”. RHC worked hard to spread the canard even as their master Trump continued with his lies. This election will be best known for the lies of RHC and Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who inspired many journalists to count the number of lies he came out with on a day. I remember reading an article which listed 28 lies of Trump on a single day.

Poor Trump. He was taken in by Shally Kumar’s claims of a great Hindu support. He might have been impressed with the number of people who gathered at the RHC rally. He probably never knew that people were there not so much for him as for the entertainment that was promised them. He probably failed to realize that here was a crowd and not the voters. And he was surely taken in by Shally Kumar’s assurances that all Hindus will vote for him just as he was taken in, in his infamous lewd comments against women on tapes about which Melania had explained in defense of her husband that he was “egged on”. Trump may have been told that “Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar” is a Vedic Mantra, the recitation of which could make him President of America just as the slogan “ab ki baar Modi Sarkar” had brought Modi to power. Is the Republican Presidential candidate so gullible? If yes, how can Americans trust him with nuclear weapons?

I pity Trump. All thorough the campaign, he has been promising the Sun, the Moon, the stars without ever laying bare before Americans how he was going to achieve them. On top, there was ample manifestation of hate, something, which is alien to American way of life. Americans are so welcoming, so loving. And here is a man so full of hate for all kinds of people- Latinos, Muslims, so on, so forth.

A welcoming America never spoke of throwing millions out of the country. And here he is who says it would be one of his first tasks to throw millions out. America has been building bridges with the world. Here is a Trump who will build wall along Mexico border and claims the more the Democrats oppose his plan “the higher the wall goes”. No trade pacts. China is looting America. Outsourcing is hurting American labor. Immigrants have taken away jobs of “white” Americans. Muslims are a threat to USA. Jews, and this one is indirect, have fleeced and bled America when the latest Trump campaign TV advertisement displayed the pictures of three top Jewish personalities-Janet Yellen, who chairs the Federal Reserve, the progressive financier George Soros and the Goldman Sachs chief executive, Lloyd Blankfein.

Trump claims he will go after the Wall Street bosses and yet opposes raise in taxes on the rich. And then he claims the minimum wage is high enough to warrant a wage increase.  How is Trump pro people?  How can Americans have a president who is so indifferent to their lot?

I think there is no end to the subject. One can go on and on. But let me now return to RHC.

Birds of the same feather flock together. No doubt then that Trump and RHC are partners in a misinformation and hate campaign.

I sanguinely hope Indian Americans, and the Hindus Shalli Kumar is targeting, would see through the designs of RHC and consider truth and truth alone on the day of the election.


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