Amazing alternative uses for eggs

Did you know that egg white can be used as a natural skin care solution, or as a glue? And that egg yolk can help revitalize nails, and also works as a hangover cure?  Here are some alternatives uses.

Hair conditioner

How much do you spend on hair products? A small fortune, no doubt. But next time you condition your hair, try this alternative: whisk up egg yolk with a dab of honey and a dash of olive oil. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing. Your hair care routine will never be the same again.

Nail revitalizer

Did you know that eggs promote nail growth? Bathe them in a cup of warm milk and one egg yolk for healthier looking, nourished nails.

Under eye mask

Fed up looking like a panda? Whether due to lack of sleep, stress, or eating certain foods, the dark rings that gather like storm clouds under your eyes aren’t likely how you want to start your day. Minimize puffiness and swelling by dabbing a couple of coats of egg white under your peepers. You’ll look lighter and fresher for it!

Egg white skin care

Egg white is well known for tightening skin. Its healing properties also extend to shrinking pores, and reducing the excess grease that leads to oily skin. In effect, egg white is a natural and soothing anti-ageing cleanser.

Yolk moisturizer

Two whisked egg yolks mixed with water and applied liberally to your face imbues your skin with an energizing shot of vitamin A.

Hangover cure?

This one’s debatable. However, there are those who swear that mixing one raw egg with salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of Tabasco works wonders on the night before.

First aid kit

Cut yourself? Boil an egg. Not to eat, at least not straight away, but to peel off the shell to extract the thin membrane. The membrane acts as a make-shift Band-Aid and is effective in stemming blood. It also has scar-fighting nutrients. Now you can eat that egg.

Fabric whitener

Gather up those discarded eggshells, tie them up in cotton bag, and pop them into the laundry. They whiten your whites better than any chemical.

Nutrient-rich water

How many times have you boiled an egg and dumped out the water afterwards? Don’t! Let it cool and give the plants a drink. The used water is nutrient-rich and full of good things for their health.

Blackhead removal strip

Rid yourself of blackheads by whisking a drop of lemon juice with two egg whites and applying the mixture to a clean face. Peel the mask off after 15 minutes and at the same time unclog those hair follicles for a smoother-looking you.

Sulfur for silver

Is your silver jewelry lacking luster? Boil an egg, break up the hard-boiled yolk, and place it in a sealed container next to your broach, ring, necklace, etc., and leave it for a day. The sulfur released will oxidize the precious metal, leaving it looking shiny and new. Wash afterwards with soap for an extra sheen.

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